In memory of E. Dickinson


Dear Death,

I haven’t written you in a while. I’ve know that one of these days I will enter your embrace, but I don’t know when. I know that I will most likely struggle accepting you because Life is a very impressive temptress. It is something that people struggle letting go of. It’s a bad habit that clings to you backs. It causes you take in the foul air that grows fouler by the day. It makes you feel everything unlike you death, you spare me the constant stabbings of my emotions and gut-wrenching pain. Death you are the better courter in that sense, but Life gives something that you could never, and it’s like a drug. Life gives you the opportunity to meet it’s acquaintances while you keep each one of your lover’s to yourself. Life let’s us see others for the beauty of humanity. I know that Life causes me pain, this God-awful pain that can rip you into two, but it also gives me joy. The joy to see what Life can truly give and the others that have Life as a partner as well. I’m afraid Death that I’ve lost my faith in you. I know that one day I will meet you and I won’t fight back when it is truly time for me to go with you. I am courting you, but we haven’t married into an eternity yet and hopefully you’ll agree with me when I say that Life is an experience that you can’t take away from me just yet. Death one day I will embrace you, but hopefully it’ll be a day when we’re both ready to meet.